Radio Delivers for Candidates

Reach Your Voters

Beasley Media Group offers targeted and effective marketing platforms that deliver your message to your potential voters. Beasley Media group gives your campaign the advantage to reach your voters on stations and sites they rely on for information.

Multiple platforms for an Effective Campaign

Beasley Media’s products allow you to reach potential voters online, on air and on demand. Our products allow us to demographically and geographically target your voters. Giving you the edge to get in front of potential voters at the right place and the right time.

Radio was important in the last mid-term election

9 out of 10 mid-term voters say they regularly listen to the radio whether at home, at work, or in the car. When it comes to day to day usage, 3 out of 4 midterm voters listen to the radio in the typical day. True across all voters, regardless of party affiliation.

Beasley Media Products allow you to target your audience by demographics, geographic and political affiliation.

Beasley Media Group can build audience segments that are the right fit for your campaign. Allowing you to place your message in front of potential voters using exclusive addressable information that targets users by property address, political affiliation, household income and more.

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